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Open Schedule Premium


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Open Schedule Premium is designed for listed companies looking to increase their access to investors through making time available for investor calls and meetings, and making their calendars available for bookings. Companies have their own private calendar uploaded to FUNDEXA's site and accessible to investors globally and FUNDEXA promotes this to investors globally.

  • Open Schedule Premium guarantees 20 investor introductions during the period of the 12 month subscription. 
  • Open Schedule Premium includes a free distribution per month to FUNDEXA's global investor contacts.

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With Open Schedule Premium, publicly listed stocks can use their press releases and presentations as invitations for investor contacts. Companies embed their Open Schedule link onto their press release templates. And each week, in addition to distributing press releases each month, FUNDEXA promotes Open Schedule Premium clients to thousands of investment contacts, including investment banks, equity funds, family offices, brokers and institutional investors in key investment centres around the globe. 

  • Companies can use the Open Schedule link for with shareholders, or they can upgrade and subscribe to Open Schedule Premium and have FUNDEXA promote their availability to investors globally.
  • The 500+ consultants on FUNDEXA's network also receive regular updates on companies registered on Open Schedule Premium and are incentivised to connect their investor contacts with these companies.

FUNDEXA distributes a weekly meetings alert to industry and sector specific and specialist investor groups sourced from third party information services. Lists are updated regularly to include investor contacts developed through FUNDEXA’s international investor relations network and individual meetings programs. 


  • 20 investor introductions guaranteed during the subscription period
  • Make time available to investors for calls or meetings.
  • Add the icon and link to press releases and investor presentations. 
  • Include the icon and link on the Investor Relations page of your website.
  • Sync the Open Schedule with company calendars. 
  • Set aside specific times each week, or dates around key events including conferences or roadshows.
  • The link is distributed by FUNDEXA to investors as part of a weekly alert.
  • The link is distributed with a company's press release each month by FUNDEXA.

FUNDEXA provides investors with a weekly update on current schedules, as well as alerts on new companies listing on Open Schedule.