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MarketReach Premium is designed for listed companies looking to build on the contacts they have made through the distribution of their news and information to develop more strategic investor communications programs.

The product allows companies to track and measure the impact of their distributions, including the ability to measure the readership of key company announcements among the thousands of investment contacts on the MarketReach distribution lists, including investment banks, equity funds, family offices, brokers and institutional investors in key investment centres around the globe. 

With MarketReach, publicly listed stocks can reach thousands of investment contacts, including investment banks, equity funds and institutional investors in key investment centres around the globe. The service is designed to complement a company’s stock exchange press release protocols and add to a company’s shareholder communications capabilities. 

  • Simply upload your latest press release or company presentation after it is lodged on the exchange, and FUNDEXA distributes to the agreed target list of investors on the required date. We then track the readership and share this information with you in a detailed report each month.

MarketReach customised distribution lists include industry and sector specific and specialist investor groups sourced from third party information services. Lists are updated regularly to include investor contacts developed through FUNDEXA’s international investor relations network and individual meetings programs. 


  • Track and measure the impact of your press releases
  • Keep investors updated with research, announcements & investor presentations.
  • Reach buy-side investors around the world with an interest in your sector. 
  • Reach advisors, analysts and corporate finance professionals.
  • Connect with industry and investment specific research directors & analysts. 
  • Update a wide range of funds with diverse mandates.

MarketReach Premium provides clients with a monthly report covering the impact of any client distributions during the period.