Fund Finder - Investor Data Updates


Fund Finder - Investor Data Updates


Locate investors around the world.

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  • Monthly updates of global investors by sector.
  • Mining, Energy, Technology and Life Sciences focus.
  • Investors active in sector and tracking investment opportunities.
  • Option to convert to investor meetings or calls.

FUNDEXA updates new investor contacts to the FUND FINDER data base every month. We track all investor distributions during the month and highlight the most active investors. Clients can now subscribe to monthly updates and receive the key data and contact details of each investor.

FUNDEXA distributes investor updates at the end of each month, including (by sector):

  • Name of Fund
  • Website
  • Email Address of Investor
  • Telephone details

Investors are sourced from key investment hubs for their sector (including London, New York, Hong Kong etc). Clients also receive a registration to FUNDEXA's Fund Finder web application.


FUND FINDER is a web-based application designed specifically to locate funds and institutional investors around the world. FUND FINDER allows companies to locate sector specific investors in key investment centres. The data base provides access to over 17,000 investor contacts including funds (private equity and VC), institutions, brokers, investment banks and structured finance groups in over 20 cities. 

FUND FINDER can be used to turn investor conferences into investor meetings programs. Use the web-app’s geolocation data to identify investors in the city you are visiting.  Then review the links to investors’ web sites or LinkedIn profiles to research and connect.  


  • Locate over 17,000 investor contacts online.
  • Identify the key investment hubs for venture capital and private equity. 
  • Access intell on each investor and link to their websites and other online information.
  • Coordinate with FUNDEXA MarketReach and Investor Roadshow programs to engage investors on the data base.

If you are an early stage technology company please contact FUNDEXA to register for your free login. Simply visit us at to get started.